Turmeric + Yoga ?

I wanted a name that would convey the two things that I enjoy very much – teaching yoga and plant-based cooking. Fresh turmeric (an important spice in my cooking) not only has the most beautiful vibrant colour, it has so many healing properties, and like yoga can greatly contribute to health and well-being.

My journey to yoga began during one of my annual visits to South India where I had the good fortune to learn under an experienced Yogi - Abraham Master. It was a complete yoga immersion experience with lessons every day for six weeks. It was his suggestion that I become a yoga teacher and I subsequently completed the YMCAfit level 3 yoga instructors course.

My main motivation is to help people of all ages enjoy the invigorating feeling in their bodies that comes from performing yoga asanas. As you stretch and hold a posture, and your attention turns within, I want you to feel the gratitude for your human body and the breath that powers it. I want you to experience the bliss that follows in the final relaxation after a good yoga session. Hopefully that enjoyment, the increased flexibility and feeling of wellness will motivate you to keep practising.


Indic Academy Scholarship for Vedic Chanting. I Completed a Veda Studies course under the guidance of Smt. Shantala Sriramaiah ji.

Best Female Yoga Professional UK awarded by The Nehru Centre and Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.